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Travis stars as Aram in the play Beast on the Moon at International City Theatre in Long Beach California, written by Richard Kalinoski.

“It’s the performances of Leland and Weck that keep us interested. In Leland’s hands Aram’s single-minded stolidity never feels heartless ― it’s a defense mechanism of a man in pain” - Greggory Moore, Random Lengths News

“With a small cast of four, the chemistry between leads Leland and Weck is of the utmost importance, and the two shine marvelously together. Leland’s control ensures the many moments of frustration Aram experiences are expressed passionately, but are reined in well enough to keep his character from appearing too domineering over his meek and mild wife” - Brett A. Hawkins Signal Tribune 

“Leland does steady, consistent work as Aram, an intransigent character symbolizing some of the worst in humanity yet showing the results of personal and national history repeating itself” - Dany Margolies Orange County Register